The May 26 total Lunar Eclipse Yod with Mars in its fall in Cancer is actually a Boomerang, given the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (exact on June 5-6). 


The Boomerang sacred configuration (highlighted) is about the personal myth based in family, ancestry and tribe confronted with Pluto, the rapist, destroying whatever we carry with us that doesn’t support our personal (🌝) perspective (♐️) and knowledge (♒️) of Self. 

There is a powerful Persephone theme here of the soul pulled into the Underworld where it confronts the primordial needs for survival.

Mars opposed Pluto is the Kundalini triggered in the First Chakra. This is the external sexual challenge regarding our new identity after 14 months of isolation.  How we comport ourselves in the face of this annihilating force is what determines our future course. What is at stake is nothing less than our personal identity.

This is now our post-Covid existence, what we carry with us into this new world in which there is an absolute truth, the Self as the central archetype, the organizing principle for a new value of life on Earth in co-creation with the cosmic forces of the universe.

The ego surrender demanded by the Pluto in opposition to Mars over the next nine days  will be at the altar of a higher consciousness.  This is the final blow to the postmodernism relativism that has lingered on far beyond its natural death (which I declared in my first newspaper review in February 2000, of an exhibition Faith).  This last two decades has been a test of my faith of a new modernism in which the primordial feminine power, the Kundalini, would be a conscious partner with the masculine spirit in an entirely new holistic being.

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This is indeed what we have in this Yod...the bardo of the masculine (Saturn in Aquarius and the South Node/Moon) and feminine (Mars opposed Pluto) that we see here...

Bardo: Total Lunar Eclipse (26 May 2021) The photograph was taken at the Cloisters during the Heavenly Bodies 2018 Met costume exhibit popped up on my iPad in timing with the arrival of Aquarian impresario Mia Feroleto’s email about her bardo experience. The collage reveals the heavenly convergence of the double sacred geometry at the moment of the eclipse (7:13 am EDT) is at the marriage of heart and mind.  

Bardo is about the surrender to the sacred marriage of heart and mind…surrendering into the conuinctio of Sun/Moon/Venus in effect since the March 26 Exterior Conjunction...

We have our first siting of Venus rising in the West five days after the Mars Pluto opposition.  On June 10, Venus begins her journey as Evening Star to meet the Moon through the 7 Gates, the monthly conjunctions with the Moon....

Through this journey, she retrieves the seven garments to adorn herself as Queen of Heaven & Earth, empowered with the knowledge of containing energy, holding the quanta light particles in her crown as the androgynous Hierophant (below).

In the crown, Knowledge is structured as sacred geometry, with the first row of five (Venus) lotuses with three petals (creativity) and the next row of seven lotuses (seven chakras corresponding to the seven stations) creating six circles (the Hieros Gamos).  The top level is the sacred geometry of the 3 containing the double Yod. Her assistants wear the garnet of passion (red rose) and purity (white Lilly) representing the Yod (green highlighter) Finger of God at the base of each pillar.  Between them is the crossed key of wisdom bearing the double symbol of the cross on her red pillar, the square shape is the structure of the quaternity, knowledge contained and solidified as grounded experience in the First Chakra (red).

Key V as the human channel to Venus seated between the pillars representing the opposites) to dispense wisdom accumulated on the journey of Venus in her proactive phase in the Gemini archetype of the Lovers (Twin Flames) as Morning Star.

Dr. Shiva Lisa on QUORA

The occult message in this image is transmitted by way of human creativity (3) evolving through autonomous number as time (quantity) and space (quality) manifested as the proactive creation inspired by the seven stations of the Venus/Moon conjunctions (see Tracking Venus above).  

By way of stringing together these sequential symbolic portals of evolution, we come up with a quantum narrative of a universal story of rebirth in which past/present/future converge as the holy trinity of Moon/Sun/Venus and Masculine/Feminine/Transgendered.

We can see now how the ego surrender demanded by the Mars opposition Pluto is the essential Twin Flame passage from 5 D to 3 D Union.

…so you don’t miss the post heralding Venus return as Evening Star and Evening Star journey to conjunct Mars in the Lover’s sign of Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius.