Stages of Kundalini Awakening

Reflections on the Montreal Biosphere


Sunday, May 16 @ 20:30 EDT


After a 4 mile bike ride over Pont Jacques-Cartier across the Saint Lawrence River to circle Île Sainte-Hélène…

… I took a long soak with Epson salts and six drops of lavender essence just before sunset...and experienced the deepest feeling of release and surrender in the nearly four decades of my spiritual journey since my 1983 Kundalini Awakening.

My approach to the Fuller biodome yesterday was intentionally from behind through the pine trees (on the left), a retreading to a previous visit in March when I was thrown into a mystical experience.

As I walked to the Montreal Biodome on the path through the trees (on the left in the above photo) yesterday, I passed by the précise spot where I experienced, for the second time, an utterly destabilizing upheaval of body, mind & spirit.

Although I had some apprehension approaching the biodome this time, I was rewarded with a conscious mind/body integration of my previous mystical experience. The profound shift of perception — from vertical to horizontal — was reflected in the structure of the solid dome interior.

The biosphere is etched in my memory from a family visit to the United States pavilion during the Expo ‘67 world's fair. When I was in college I was a tour guide at the California Museum of Science and Industry (renamed the California Science Center) which hosted an exhibit on American architect Buckminster Fuller.

The first was completely unconscious. I wrote a poem about it and performed it in my Montreal poetry group:

A member of the group wrote me an email about a lecture she just attended in which Michael Snow’s film La Région Central was recommended as an exploration of our sense of up-and-down and rotation: “’Bring a barf bag,’ he said, which I thought was hilarious. Evidently the film does a good job at debunking the myth that there is such a thing as horizontality and verticality … there is only rotation.”

On the first day of good weather this spring, I walked over the bridge and ended up smoking a hit of cannabis beside the biosphere. Suddenly, the same experience happened. I got extremely dizzy and had to lay down on the picnic table, incapable of lifting my head … even for a drink of water. Right behind this Battlestar Galactica icon, I was spinning through space, yet gravity was pulling me downwards into the earth. I couldn’t raise my head for about 30 minutes.

Looking at these photos today, my mind still couldn’t comprehend the mystical struggle for 5/6 integration reflected in the biosphere structure!

A méditation on the interior of the sphère brought an Aha Moment reflecting the ‘inner/outer convergence of horizontal/vertical as rotation within the transparency of the sphere’ confirmed by the feedback loop from my earlier mystical experience.

Yet, when I entered the Montreal Biosphere Wikipedia page and saw the number 15 (1+5=6) in the same sentence as hexagonal (6) and pentagonally (5), I got a conscious acknowledgement of my shifting perception between the five (dizziness) and six (gravity)…

The outcome is this digital artwork, réfléchir.

The mirroring of my prose of my mystical experience backwards/forwards in the reversed sphere reflects the inside/out and top/down of the human body réorientation to the new paradigm: cyclical time as rotation.

This numerical progression reflects the human passage from the five (chaos, desire and change) to the six (harmony and equilibrium) marking our present era — the entrance into the Age of Aquarius.  The Aquarian archetype that I have been actively pursuing since my 1983 Kundalini Awakening involved my personal passage from desire (Champagne Tango) into equilibrium.

The Montréal Biosphere embodies the convergence of number as quantity (15 polygons) and quality (the sacred geometry of the hexagon and pentagon), « which Fuller intended as pores incorporated into the closed system, a likening to the human skin. »

Reflecting on this repeated body experience — the same nausea, gravity and internal spin — on the Jupiter ingress into Pisces as Mercury enters its pre-Shadow phase (May 14 @ 20:48 EDT) turned up a crucial link between icons.

Yoga Nindra last Sunday led to this breakthrough. Join the Zoom session on Sunday May 16 (20:30 EDT) and experience your own path to Kundalini Awakening.

Buckminster Fuller’s 1967 biosphere and Leonardo da Vinci’s 1490 Vitruvian Man…

Leonardo da Vinci integrated into his figure the sacred geometry of the pentagon (legs together) and the hexagon (legs spread). This connects to my theory of the Hieros Gamos as integrating number (5 & 6) as both quantity (masculine) and quality.(feminine).

The genius who embodied the Renaissance humanist ideal created a universal icon encapsulating the passage to the Age of Aquarius, in which the universe is contained in the human body. The two simultaneous positions of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of Vitruvian Man encompass both the five and six pointed star. This human sacred geometry incorporates the Venus pentagram as the passage to the hieros gamos (hexagram)


The biosphere reflects the human being as the infans solaris, the convergence of vertical/horizontal, interior/exterior perception of the Möbius strip (another Montreal sculpture around the corner from my dwelling).

This Buckminster Fuller holistic view from 1967 (Summer of Love) sums up the 21st century paradigm shift foreshadowed by Leonardo da Vinci into a new cosmic perception: the SELF (Hieros Gamos) at the center of the solar system, with the planets (as the internalized lesser archetypes) spinning around it. Perhaps this explains why certain of my friends who reject top down consensus reality are flat earthers!!??