Co-creating with the God of Alchemy

Hermes was the only Greek god who could go from the Hades to Olympus, making this androgynous shape-shifting figure the connection between darkness (the unconscious) and light (consciousness).

Winged Mercury holds the cadeceus in each hand and wears a crown of three points representing his role as the Third entity between opposites. The intertwined serpents represent the kundalini spiraling through the Ida/pingula in the human body connecting the right and left sides of the body, the polarities if masculine (Sol) and feminine (Luna)..

This capacity to merge the polarities is what makes Mercurius the patron of the art of alchemy.

The alembic integrates the polarities (Sun and Moon) by way of the seven pointed star. This symbol at the mouth represents the seven chakras the serpent power passes through — from awakening in the spine into enlightenment in the crown of the head.

The lead that quicksilver Mercury assists in transforming into gold is Saturn, the Shadow, integrated into the holistic Self. Through the Trickster, we come to not only recognize, but embrace, our shadow self.

Mercury Retrograde Challenge

Over the next three weeks, we are in for a wild ride as Mercury is retrograde in its own sign of Gemini. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, the opposites merging through the divine light of love. This also makes Gemini the sign of the Lovers.

Ha! Tricked you with my Mexican Day of the Dead figures just emerged from a time capsule where they were placed in 1994 when I left Los Angeles. Notice the golden serpent design on her dress…this is the rising kundalini spiral and the kundalini containment in the ❤️ that this Mercury Retrograde is going to evoke in the body as the Lover’s sign of Leo is visited by Venus (June 28) and Mars (June 12) to join on July 14 in a holistic embrace of unconditional love and cooperation.

Once we can let go of our preconceptions and engage with what Mercury retrograde has in store for us, we are primed for the Aha Moment.

This fearlessness in the face of the Uncertainty is the key to enlightenment…

Instead of seeing the glass half empty, we suddenly discover it is half full …of unimagined possibilities!

The horoscope for the Mercury turnaround at 18:27 EDT (NYC) is transformational. Mercury inconjunct both Scorpio Rising and Pluto in Capricorn is a powerful charge of kundalini awakening shifting humanity out of the binary and into a holistic perspective in which holding the tension between the duality of opposites opens up the Third realm of quantum reality in which past, present and future are simultaneous.

Over the next six weeks (May 29-June 7), we are going to experience the quality of Mercury in his prime perception, winged sandals working overtime traveling high and low, steering through the gaslighting, overcoming relativism and identity politics…

… to communicate the truth under the Annular Solar Eclipse (June 10) in Gemini following the revelations of the Total Lunar Eclipse Super Moon (May 26).



Our mental perceptions will make a dramatic change, from the binary to the holistic, from postmodernism relativism to the absolute truth of the newly emerged 21st century icon of the Hieros Gamos, the centralizing archetype for the Age of Aquarius.

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