This Mercury Retrograde is Crucial

Bottlenecks, Stagflation and (R)Evolution

The last Mercury Retrograde was UlTIMATE under the eclipses in its ruling sign of Gemini. What we have or have not learned makes this nine week cycle (pre-Shadow/Retrograde/post-Shadow) CRUCIAL.


The September 27 Mercury Retrograde position at 25 Libra squares transiting Pluto edging into the US Pluto Return, taking place under an EXACT Venus/Mars conjunction triggering the January 8 Interior Conjunction with the Sun. Saturn as Timekeeper strikes again on December 20: the Venus retrograde station is conjunct Pluto.

The quantum collapse of the plutocracy is the death of post-postmodernism as the cultural reflection of Neo-Liberalism reducing all human engagement to the categorization determined by commercial transactions.


On the way to writing this post, two articles caught my interest…

The Guardian reported a record number of cargo ships are stacked up in the Los Angeles port waiting to be unloaded.

The other article was also from The Guardian, bearing the ominous headline: GOP plan to block House measure could trigger an unprecedented $28tn default.

Twinning bottlenecks is the gift of the simultaneous conscious/unconscious duality delivered by that clever Trickster, Mercury!


Bottleneck is an effective image to carry into the Mercury Retrograde in the Venus sign of Libra — ruling art, the legal profession, marriage contracts and budget balancing!

Mercury Retrograde Bottleneck: The symbol for bottleneck reveals the physics for rectification — a force of energy striking through the center. The ‘do or die’ signature for this cycle is the Yod (Moon/Lilith in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries directly overhead, both inconjunct Venus conjunct Fortuna in the Fourth House. Pluto on the Descendent square Eris, the Awakener (not shown).

Whether personally experiencing bottleneck in a personal relationship, or observing the political theater of the Congressional bottleneck, the outcome of either breakdown or breakthrough depends on the consciousness of the observer/participant.

All this will be under review for the next three weeks while Mercury does its dance spinning together higher and lower levels of consciousness. The weekend station had a dramatically heightened vibration due to the harmonious trine of Mercury with Jupiter in Aquarius, ruling the intuition of genius catalyzing the quantum leap.

Schrödinger's cat is the thought experiment depicting the moment when the quantum collapses into a distinct potentiality by way of observation. This financial emergency is the moment of Truth striking at post-postmodernism, the cultural counterpart to neoliberalism, long past its due date. The financial and cultural engineers ignore natural laws of the cyclical as much as they ignore the carbon footprint of their private nets.

What breaks the bottleneck in the Mercury Retrograde horoscope? The Finger of God is transformed by way of the explosive Venus/Uranus opposition: Venus in Scorpio ruling high finance opposes elevated Uranus in the sign of money (Taurus). The cosmic Boomerang of the Mercury Retrograde horoscope (taking place during this writing) is the jolt catalyzing a quantum leap into the paradigm shift.

The Crashing Quantum Wave

Treasury secretary Janet Yellen reiterated the urgency of the situation in a recent letter to Congress, warning that the US was on track to default in mid-October and cause “irreparable harm” to the economy if Congress failed to take action.

This brings us to the qualities of Libra, the sign ruling this retrograde dance of Mercury. Libra is an Air sign, devoted to justice, equilibrium, harmony and peace.

You see in the card the right foot peaking from under the red robe. This indicates action. The message is that justice is served through the process of weighing the choices (the scales) and responding with right action.

Can we expect right action from a a delusional Aries leader struck by lightening?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing the role of Chiron (conjunct her Aries Sun on the Midheaven of the Mercury Retrograde horoscope highlighted in red) fighting for her legacy crystallized in the 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill she aims to pass this week, along with a separate bill combining an extension of debt limit with preventing the government shutdown . Yet, the opposing perspective of fiscal ruin is clear in the transiting Venus/Uranus opposition regarding capital (Taurus) and debt (Scorpio) triggering her wealth portfolio (Venus/Uranus/Midheaven/Mars). Source for Nancy Pelosi’s horoscope with 27.29 Leo Rising is Astro-Databank.

Can a Plutocrat serve the American people? This is the surreality coming to the forefront with this trio of challenges: Mercury Retrograde square Pluto (September 27), Venus Retrograde conjunct Pluto (December 20) and the Venus/Mars conjunction exact during the first US Pluto Return in Capricorn (February 22, 2022).

The intertwined double serpent caduceus staff of Hermes brandished by Pelosi is phenomenology of her talent for delusional magical transposition during this latest TV interview. In the House Speaker’s natal horoscope, Mercury and Neptune are in mutual reception; Mercury in Pisces (sign of Mercury’s fall) opposing its ruler in Virgo (sign of the Neptune’s fall). Source for Nancy Pelosi’s birth time with 27.29 Leo Rising is Astro-Databank.

With the acute precision of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) as cosmic Timekeeper, Pelosi’s natal horoscope demonstrates why astrologers study the charts of historical figures when interpreting historical events. The nation’s impending financial ruin is a reflection of the Democrat Leader’s personal shadow in conflict with her hefty wealth portfolio placing her out of touch with reality. She has found her scapegoat in Biden’s 12th House Scorpio Sun, beating her drum with the chant of the Biden Building Back Better agenda to diffuse responsibility for her reckless spending and delusional political maneuvers.

The Neoliberal Shadow is Pelosi’s personal cross to bear in the plutocrat political theater bulldozing any lingering pretense of a democratic process conducted by dedicated public servants in Washington, D.C. Her role is signified by the tension of her natal Pluto in Leo (ruling the plutocracy) square Saturn in Taurus (fiscal responsibility), both at the critical zero degree!

The US economy escalated to this level of catastrophe despite the market surge propped up by Quantitative Easing (QE). In fact, since the 2008 financial collapse when Pluto entered Capricorn in a tense T-Square with Uranus♈️/Saturn♎️ opposition, the flood of fiat currency due to Zero interest-rate policy (ZIRP — a fitting description for Pelosi’s Venus/Uranus conjunction) gave rise to the plutocracy whose pretense of serving the American people is under observation of a mass kundalini awakening (the Jupiter in Aquarius station on the US Moon sextile transiting Eris) triggered by Saturn during the US Pluto Return.

In this manner, financial markets have ignored natural cycles. Pelosi’s deluded attempt to balance the Quantitative Easing policy gorging the plutocrats by Qualitative Signaling ignoring numbers altogether does not make for Libra equilibrium (sign of Pelosi’s North Node in the Second House of Value). The prolonged period ZIRP has created a binary economy reflecting my former financial reporting beats in Latin America: one for the elite and the rest for everyone else. This is real phenomenology of division in the intertwined serpents of Pelosi’s winged caduceus ornament — not a symbol of personal evolution but a reflection of the hidden plutocrat agenda behind America’s Masonic founding — under a Mercury Retrograde opposition Pluto!

There is only one certainty in this state of extreme uncertainty on the very eve of the US Pluto Return! Mercury’s role in America’s Kundalini Awakening symbolized by the Pelosi mystical pendant will demonstrate the (r)evolutionary effects of a natural cycle on human consciousness.

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Fasten your seatbelts. It is going to be a treacherous ride!

For a positive personal assessment of what this treacherous build-up to the US Pluto Return means for a cultural rebirth, read Mercury Retrograde Émergence From Khaos on Hieros Gamos Journal.


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